Embiid – Drummond feud carries on

Embiid – Drummond feud carries on

I’m not sure should you brag about a flop. Actually, I am. You shouldn’t. I love Embiid, both his game and his personality is great…but I just can’t stand flopping. I guess it comes as a package deal, one exists with the other.

In the latest episode of the “Embiid-Drummond show” Joel got the best of Drummond. Strike that, he got the best of the refs. Embiid played it perfectly, and where the ref is standing you can see he didn’t have the angle to notice there was no contact to provoke such a fall from Embiid. As Drummond already had a technical, this made it his second and an ejection from the game.


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Embiid: “Get him out of here!!!!!” Was it a flop?

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Embiid, of course, had a different story after the game (via ESPN): “I think I own a lot of real estate in his head. We lost, so I’m not supposed to talk trash, but he knows damn well that he can’t guard me. But that was a team effort. You know, Blake [Griffin] had a good game, and they were able to pull it off, so we got another one tomorrow, and we got to do a better job.”

“His hand touched my face, and you know, going back, what the referees were saying the whole game, there were a lot of cheap shots taken,” Embiid told reporters. “At one point, I think [referee] Tyler [Ford] said that the next cheap shot, the next one is going to get a technical foul, and that’s why he got the other technical foul.”

”All I was doing was just talking and playing basketball and trying to win the game, and obviously on the second one, you can see that he hit me, and his hand actually touched his face. … But like I said, I feel like I own a lot of real estate in his head.”