Embiid and Towns fight, get ejected

Embiid and Towns fight, get ejected

Joel Embiid said he is done with trash-talking this year (maybe), and that he will focus on basketball. But, players he annoyed for the past few years didn’t forget and are still sensitive when they play against him. One of his main victims, Karl Anthony Towns couldn’t keep it together last night.

Embiid is 7′ 0″, 250 lbs., Towns 6′ 11″, 248 lbs – kudos to everyone who was willing to jump right in to separate the two. Primarily Jeff Teague who managed to pull Embiid to the side. Both players said there was some showing and back and forth but nothing that would be considered a build-up. That’s experience talking. The light showing and arms locking is not unusual in an NBA game, but the key moment is KAT clinching Embiid’s arm under his when Embiid tried to separate himself.

KAT had to have known that would result in Embiid pushing him off and next thing you know Towns took a swing and got Embiid in a clinch. As this was a fight, both players got ejected by rule, but I would suspect KAT is looking at a longer suspension and fine than Embiid. 

Towns didn’t go into the fight after the game and just said: “It was a competitive game.” Joel on the other hand, to no one’s surprise, was ready to share his perspective on the entire thing. 

Things would end here in the good old days. But, in 2019 you know both players are going to have social media posts about it all. As always, pay attention to everything the location of his post, and scroll to all photos (especially KAT’s)You be the judge who won the social media round. The teams will meet again on March 24th in Minneapolis.