Embiid and Simmons rip Sixers fans for booing them in Game 1

Embiid and Simmons rip Sixers fans for booing them in Game 1

The aspiring Philadelphia 76ers didn’t get off to a perfect start in the 2019 playoffs, as they surprisingly lost Game 1 on their home court to the underdog Brooklyn Nets 111-102 and because of that were booed off the court.

Nobody except Jimmy Butler showed up to play for the Sixers, as their young stars Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons along with the rest of the team were not on their game.

Embiid was struggling with injuries and was on the bench for half of the game, while the time he was on the floor, he didn’t look near to 100%. He talked about the effect the booing from the home fans has on the players:

The fact that it’s after every single miss… Every miss shot, then you get booed, you get the next one, ‘Should I shoot it or not because I’m about to get booed?’ Some guys are like that.

He was mostly referring to the crowd booing JJ Reddick who missed a lot of open threes and Ben Simmons who was missing free throws and usually passing up on wide open shots.

Their young point forward had a lousy game, finishing with just 9 points on 4-9 shooting and 1-5 for the free throw line, while being a -21 while on the court. All that led to their fans booing them. Simmons wasn’t happy about it:

 “If you’re a Sixers fan and you’re going to boo, stay on that side.”

Philadelphia is known for being one of the toughest city to play in, as they have very demanding fans. But with the talent, this team has it is understandable the frustration fans are showing, as they have to adapt and win Game 2 on Monday.