Dwyane Wade reveals disturbing details about Chris Bosh’s near-death experience

Dwyane Wade reveals disturbing details about Chris Bosh’s near-death experience

Injuries are unfortunately an integral part of sports, especially in basketball. A fast game with a lot of contact often results in players spraining or tearing certain body parts. The 82 games regular season doesn’t help aeither. But sometimes, the scariest injuries happen off the court.

Earlier this season, we had a scary situation with Caris LeVert, as it got revealed during his medical exam with the Pacers he has kidney cancer. Fortunately for LeVert, it was discovered on time, treated with surgery, as he is now back on the court and playing. LeVert seemingly managed to get by with no long-term consequences – Chris Bosh wasn’t that lucky as his health situation ended his career.

Back in 2016, after the All-Star weekend, Bosh started to experience intense chest pains. Doctors determined he has multiple blood clots in his lungs, originating from a left calf contusion. The situation was scary, and Bosh was not only fearing for his basketball career; his life was on the line. Bosh’s friend and teammate Dwyane Wade was by his side at the time, and he described how scary the situation was.

“I was in Miami when he went down with blood clots. We didn’t know a lot about it. One moment we’re in a plane flying to All-Star Weekend..Next time I seen him, he was in a hospital with tubes in his chest & his mouth. At that moment, it’s real life man. People don’t see that.”

Dwyane Wade, NBA on TNT

This was a complicated health situation that ended the life of numerous NBA players before. Guys like Jerome Kersey, Moses Malone, and Daryl Dawkins all had their lives cut short in retirement due to blood clots problems. It’s no accident that all of these players were big men, as taller people are more likely to develop blood clots problems.

Fortunately for Bosh, his situation got under control, as he is now good and healthy. But his basketball career ended that day. Bosh was just 31 years old, still in his basketball prime. For a few years, Bosh tried to find his way back to an NBA court without success. But I’m pretty sure Bosh is happier to be alive and healthy with his family than risking his life playing basketball.