Dwyane Wade remembers the time he received a surprising call from Kobe Bryant

Dwyane Wade remembers the time he received a surprising call from Kobe Bryant

This season will mark the ending to an illustrious career of Dwyane Wade, a three-time NBA champion and one of the best guards in NBA history. During his 16-year-long career he achieved almost anything you could dream of as a basketball player and was a true competitor on a nightly basis.

When Wade entered the NBA, he admired and looked up to Kobe Bryant who was already a superstar with multiple championships. They had their share of battles throughout the years but above anything else, they had tremendous respect for each other and were true competitors.

Ahead of tonight’s All-Star game, Kevin Garnett interview Wade, in his show “Dwyane Wade & Kevin Garnett: Players Only.” Wade remembered the phone call he once received from Kobe Bryant that shows how studios Bryant was in order to get better while at the some time giving huge respect to Wade’s style of play.

“Coming into the NBA, Iverson and Kobe were the two I wanted to be on the court. So it went from my rookie year, excited to play against one of my idols, to my second year, we’re going at it and getting in scuffles. That’s when Kobe started to respect me, when he realized I’m not backing down. It’s not a tension, that’s just who I am. One of the coolest moments for me in my career was, I’m out of the playoffs, he calls me. And he says, ‘D, they’re guarding me like this. I know you’re great and pick and rolls, you’re great at splitting. What should I do? So I gave him my whole, this is what I look for, this is what I do, this and that. I get off the phone and I lost it. I’m like, ‘Kob’ just called me!’”

Bryant and Wade matched up in 20 regular season games in which, Wade won 11 out of those 20 games. Now in his last season with the Heat, Wade is still showing he can play well averaging 14 points per game in 25 minutes of action.