Dwyane Wade describes a humbling experience while meeting Jason Terry right after the 2011 finals loss to the Mavs

Dwyane Wade describes a humbling experience while meeting Jason Terry right after the 2011 finals loss to the Mavs

Dwyane Wade made a guest appearance on ESPN’s show ‘DangerTalk’, where he remembered the finals series between the Dallas Mavericks and Miami Heat back in 2011. The Heat for a clear favorite to win this series; however, Mavs showed incredible resilience and experience that led them to a win in six games. Wade said that loss was incredibly frustrating for him and LeBron, who were the leaders of that team, but couldn’t find an answer for the Mavs and especially Dirk Nowitzki, who was that remarkable the entire series.

After that loss, Wade and LeBron went on vacation to the Bahamas and their families, and they ran to none other than Jason Terry. Terry was integral in the Mavs system and that old-school type of player who talked a lot of trash while playing hard on every possession. Wade remembers going to a night club with LeBron where they saw Terry, who approached them and wanted to shake their hands, which in some way symbolized the respect he wanted to receive from them.

Wade was reluctant to shake his hand because he was still frustrated because of the loss, but he did it nevertheless because of the respect he had for Terry and the Mavs. He describes that as a humbling experience and understood; there is no room for holding grudges when the Mavs beat them fair and square. The only thing that they could do is learn from that experience and work even harder to get back to win championships, which they eventually did.

Jason Terry came right in and walked right up to Bron and me as soon as he came into the club and put his hand out. At that moment, I didn’t want to shake that man’s hand at all because they just beat us in the finals. I love JT, and he talked throughout the entire finals as he should have because we did our thing too. I didn’t want to shake his hand. At that moment, I realized JT has something over us because even though we might get to the club quicker than anybody, this man walked up to us with so much swagger and confidence, thinking ‘yall might have got in here 30 minutes before me, but yall will have to pay respect to the champ’. He came over there, like pay respect, and we had to give that man his respect because of what they accomplished and how they beat us. It humbled us, and it got us ready for what was to come.

Dwyane Wade, via DangerTalk

That loss against the Mavs was a great wake-up call for the Heat, who initially expected to win not five, not six, not seven, but more championships. However, that wasn’t the case, but they successfully won two consecutive championships and made it to the finals in each of the four years this squad played together for the Miami Heat.