Dwyane Wade advises Gilbert Arenas to use Mamba mentality as a coach

Dwyane Wade advises Gilbert Arenas to use Mamba mentality as a coach

Gilbert Arenas and Kobe Bryant were fierce rivals on the court but had the utmost respect for each other off the court, building a relationship that translated to their retirements. After Kobe’s tragic death last year, Arenas decided to fulfill the task Kobe given him. That was becoming a coach on the college/NBA level. Kobe saw the potential in Gilbert’s basketball mind, wanting him to build on that and become great. 

It seems that Dwyane Wade agrees with the late great Kobe, as he talked with Arenas on the No Chill podcast and told him a similar thing, calling him a genius in his craft and also wanting him to take on the coaching challenge or taking the next step in whatever lane he wants. Arenas shared his plans and ambitions.

“The true answer is I have no idea. All I loved was basketball…So now, once I took on the challenge of coaching, it’s, do I even know how to do this? Now I need to get to the NBA again…I have to go into it like there’s an NBA of coaching, and I’m here. I need to learn every single thing…I need to figure out how to start from ground zero. Playcalling, challenging old methods versus what my brain tells me is better, how to structure a practice, how do you do game tape, scouting reports… I’m trying to figure out like watching a game from a coaching side versus a player side. That’s where I’m stuck at, like I know I wanna coach. I’m trying to figure out at which level.”

Gilbert Arenas, No Chill

Wade advised him to take the same principles he had when he was trying to become an NBA player and become the best version of a coach he could be. He also brought up the iconic “Mamba Mentality” and how it could help him with that.

“You just go back and apply the same principles. To me, that’s what Mamba Mentality was. Yes, he did it on the court, and we’ve seen what it was. But Mamba Mentality goes for everybody. Even in your every day as a parent, you everyday as what you do in your job. And Kobe was all about Mamba Mentality is what? Work. Work more. Work more. Whatever his mentality was on the court became the Mamba Mentality that became a life mentality. So you already have what it takes to get there. So now all you gotta do is put that dream out there…There ain’t no shortcuts.”

Dwyane Wade, No Chill

Wade gave Arenas some great advice, using the things he learned from his career and Kobe, inspiring him to work hard for his dreams. “Agent 0” for sure has a lot of motivation to try to jump into serious coaching waters. If he has even half the work ethic Kobe Bryant has, there is no doubt he will be able to make it.