Dwight responds to Shaq’s criticism and shows greater maturity and positivity than expected
Responding To Criticism

Dwight responds to Shaq’s criticism and shows greater maturity and positivity than expected

Ever since Dwight Howard won his first NBA championship with the Los Angeles Lakers, there has been a lot of criticism pointed his way from none other than Shaquille O’Neal. Shaq is known to be someone who often speaks whatever is on his mind without any filter, and it seems he still holds a grudge toward Howard. After his criticism towards Howard, it caused many NBA fans to call out Shaq for his negativity, after which he doubled down on his statements and made the situation even worse.

Howard had the opportunity to respond to Shaq’s comments in a recent interview with Etan Thomas, in which he had nothing negative to say about Shaq. Howard was unbelievably mature about the whole situation and said he wasn’t raised in a way to discredit someone in front of millions of viewers. He thinks there is no point in them continuing this argument because of their families and kids involved in this process.

I was happy because he was a big men, he was killing everybody, and I still think he is probably the most dominant player to ever play the game. If I had anything negative to say about him, I will never say it in the public eye for people to hear it, and I don’t think it’s necessary. He has family, he has kids, people who love him, and I wasn’t brought up that way. I respect him for all the work he has done. I wish we could play each other again so I could end this beef. I have a lot of love for him and the things he has done for the sport, and the way to beat him is to continue to play at a high level and not allow anything that is negative to seep in and stay focused.

Dwight Howard, via BasketballNews

Unlike Shaq, who sounds like a bitter old man, Howard showed incredible maturity in this situation and didn’t want to discredit Shaq in any way, shape, or form. He politely said he still has a lot of respect he has for Shaq, and even to this day considers him one of the most dominant players in NBA history, which is entirely the opposite reaction to Shaq’s, which was extremely negative. Hopefully, these two can bury their hatchets because they are both great big men in their regard.