Dwight Howard defends Ben Simmons because of all the criticism he is receiving: ‘Leave him alone’

Dwight Howard defends Ben Simmons because of all the criticism he is receiving: ‘Leave him alone’

The Sixers had a miraculous comeback last night against the Hawks and were able to turn things around in the second half of the game to secure a vital win. Even though the Sixers as a team looked horrible, they were able to regroup behind great performances from Seth Curry, Tobias Harris, and Joel Embiid and eventually come up with a win.

However, game six was also a great showcase of how Ben Simmons is almost entirely useless in this series, struggling with scoring, especially making critical free throws in the game. Therefore, the Hawks decided to use the ‘Hack a Ben’ strategy that seemed to work because Simmons was completely out of the game scoring only 6 points to go along with 9 rebounds and 5 assists in 25 minutes of action.

Simmons has been under a lot of criticism because of his shooting, more precisely, his poor free-throw shooting. It’s evident Simmons is struggling, and it’s affecting his confidence and ability to make the easiest shot in the game. After the game, his teammate Dwight Howard came to his defense, saying people should leave him alone and send some positivity his way to overcome his struggles.

Everybody talking about Ben. Leave him alone and send him some positivity instead of talking about how bad you think he is. Ain’t none of you played in the NBA. Sit ya’ll butts down. Move along, get along. We do this for a living, man. I believe in you, Ben. I don’t care how many free throws you miss, I still believe in you. You’re my doggone brother.”

Dwight Howard, via Instagram

Howard is a great teammate to Simmons, and he is also someone who understands the problems Simmons is going through because Howards was always a below-average shooter from the free-throw line. However, if you are realistic, you can’t justify Simmons and his poor shooting from the free-throw because it’s directly hurting the Sixers and their chances of winning a championship, especially now that Danny Green is out of the starting lineup because of an injury.

It will be interesting what the future for Simmons will look like after this season, but there is a strong notion the Sixers will do anything in their power to trade him. The Sixers are not convincing enough to make everyone believe they can win a championship, especially with one of their leading players being utterly incapable of making a shot to save his life.

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