Dwight Howard back to the Lakers?

Dwight Howard back to the Lakers?

This is what desperation looks like. After Boogie Cousins tore his ACL and is out for the season, the Lakers are down to Javale McGee as the only center on the team. The price they paid for Davis and the moves they made this summer basically fixes them into this team for the foreseeable future and the only avenue they have is the veteran’s minimum. So who are they eyeing to fill their rotation?

Yep, the Lakers are seriously considering the return of Dwight Howard. The former Lakers had yet another media tour this summer letting everybody know he has changed and understands how he needs to behave and play to help a team. He opened up about his Lakers fiasco and hating Kobe for years, and his weirdness rubbing people the wrong way. It may even be the case. But it is hard to find a team that had him in their locker room that has nice things to say about Dwight. 

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Is he a Hall of Famer?🤔

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But, desperate times call for desperate measures. While we all thought this would force the Lakers to play AD at the center position and LeBron as a power forward (arguably their best setup), it seems the superstars are dictating what’s best for them and not for the team. If AD and LeBron refuse to move down a position, the Lakers need somebody. Anybody.

Even if that person is Dwight Howard.