Durant leaves the game injured

Durant leaves the game injured

Kevin Durant went up for a jump shot with 2:05 to go in the third quarter, just as the Rockets were making a comeback. He missed, landed and started to run back.

After a few steps, not in full sprint, with no special effort, Durant suddenly turned around and looked back at his right leg. It was as if someone kicked him and he was in surprise more than in pain. The game stopped and he limped to the bench and ultimately to the locker room.

On his walk out he limped gingerly and stopped a few times, more with an expression of confusion than pain. The announcers immediately went there. This looks like a torn Achilles. All the signs are there. No contact, sharp pain, a visible limp. When a player goes down without any contact, and even worse, with no special effort – it means trouble.

For now, the Warriors are calling it a strained calf. This is a much better outcome than a torn Achilles, but still not good. It means there is a certain level of torn muscles in his calf.  The rule of thumb is, the more difficult is it to injure a muscle, longer it takes to recover. How many times have you heard about a sprained (pulled) calf? Muscles you use a lot every day are harder to injure, but once you do the recovery is more difficult and usually involves a lot of rest.

We don’t know the extent of his injury and how long it will keep him out but up to this point, KD was the only stable offensive performer for the Warriors. Steph and Klay are struggling again. With the two other superstars struggling, this would be a major blow to the Warriors.

We will cover this story as it unfolds, but it’s not looking good for the Warriors right now, with the Rockets back in the game and them down their one of the most unstoppable scorers in NBA history.