Durant fined $25,000

Durant fined $25,000

If you go through my article history you will find a few references to Durant being over-sensitive. I’ll admit it, I find his words don’t match his actions, his thin skin annoys me, and he obviously cares what people think and say about him very much. That being said, I don’t support this fine.

In their last game, a fan was heckling KD when he decided to dish a few chosen words back:


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“I don’t really care what people think about me” Whatevee you say Kevin…

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If you didn’t catch it, he told the fan to “shut the fu%$ up.” Do I believe this proves my point of view that he is obviously (too) sensitive and cares about other people’s opinions too much? Yes. Does it prove his “I don’t care what people think” is just a load of hullabaloo? Yes.  But, I don’t think he should’ve been fined. I mean, I get that the league doesn’t want players fighting with fans, but there has to be a certain level of back and forth allowed.

I do want the fans (and blog boys) to have the chance to criticize and to a certain extent, bust his balls (pardon my french); but then it is only fair the player gets to tell you off. So to the fans who heckled him and then started whining when he told them to fu%& off, if you can’t take it, don’t serve it.

In the end, this is an entertainment business. There is nothing intrinsically valuable about throwing a ball through a hoop. So if we can’t have fun, what’s the point? You didn’t see Spike Lee complain after Reggie served it back to him. Nor was he fined! Yes, some expletive’s were used, but everyone who ever played any game knows it’s not the same when you curse someone out in the heat of a battle. It doesn’t count the same way.

So I would suggest that the league puts forth a new rule: heckling a player is ok, but you don’t get to complain when he talks back.