Durant and Kyrie are going to Brooklyn

Durant and Kyrie are going to Brooklyn

The rumors we heard all year were almost correct. KD and Kyrie are teaming up in New York, but it will not be with the NY Knicks – they are joining the Nets!

The day started with Woj reporting Kyrie will sign a four-year, $141 million deal with the Nets. Then 30 minutes ago, an hour before teams can speak with free agents, we found out that Durant will sign a four-year, $164 million contract. The Nets are also expected to sign DeAndre Jordan, KD’s close friend.

If it had to be New York, this is the right call to make. The Nets are a better organization in every sense of the word. They have a young roster full of potential, a great GM in Sean Marks, Kenny Atkinson is an upcoming coach and don’t disregard the fact they will soon be owned by the first Chinese owner in NBA history.

KD will miss the entire ’19/’20 season, but even just with Kyrie and DeAndre as additions, the Nets will become a lock for the playoffs in the East. When KD returns, hopefully, close to his top version, they will attack the Finals.

This was our preferred scenario for the duo for one reason – NY media. Two of the moodiest players are going to New York, and it will be a ball. On a more serious note, this will be the biggest challenge for the Nets. Kyrie imploded the Celtics locker room, and KD had a very turbulent final season in the Warriors locker room.

The talent is undeniable, but so are the mood swings.