Duncan Robinson talks about the top five players that surprised him when he came to the NBA

Miami’s marksmen Duncan Robbinon was on a role this season. He was shooting the lights out and posting good numbers, even though the season is still not concluded. Robbinson is holding the record in Heat history for most made threes this season and has the most significant jump in three-pointers made in a season. In the 2019 season, he made only ten 3-pointers; this season, he is already at 223. He is on the pace to break 300 three-pointers made in a single season. That was accomplished only by the likes of Steph Curry and James Harden. Coming undrafted from Michigan hitting this mark would be a significant milestone in this sophomore career.

While talking to JJ Redick on his podcast for The Ringer, he was asked about which player makes him think, “Holy Sh*t I Can’t Believe I’m Playing Against This Guy”. Duncan had nice remarks about several of them. He started with LeBron James – He said that it is one thing to watch him on the TV, and the second thing is to watch him from the bench or play against him. He even added that Lebron had a high scoring game against the Heat, which just added up to Robbinson’s amazement. The funny anecdote he mentioned is that when he made a shoot while Lebron was guarding him, he scoffed at him, a bit skeptical about his shooting abilities early in the season.

The second player on his list is Victor Oladipo – he said that last season guarding him was tough for him. He is always in the go mode, and he admitted that he didn’t stand any chance guarding him. The third player Robinson was fascinated by, which was a little surprise for JJ because Duncan Robbinson put Joe Ingles on the list. He said that entering the draft when asked who he thinks his game is like, he said, Joe Ingles. In the podcast, he explained that not only they play similar styles of basketball, but they both like to talk trash to their opponents. Even when matching up against each other, Duncan said they had a little “conversation”.

The fourth player on the list is reigning Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard. Robinson said that he didn’t understand how physically imposing he is while watching on TV. He was guarded by Kawhi and said the length and strength give him the edge and that he can quickly get to his spots on offense. The last player Robinson mentioned is Giannis Antetokounmpo. Robinson was surprised by his length and how hard he plays, which made him respect Giannis even more than he already did coming into the NBA.

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