Draymond shares how he has changed his on-court behavior because of his children

Draymond shares how he has changed his on-court behavior because of his children

One of the players that surprised most of the fans and revived his season in this year’s playoffs has definitely been Draymond Green, who is the unsung hero of the Warriors who are bound for a 5thstraight NBA Finals appearance.

Green has been more talked about for his antics, short temper and arrogance trough his career, especially this season. He was out of shape, not confident in his shot, always arguing on the court with refs, opponents and even sometimes his teammates and being a true liability for the Warriors.

But, as the playoffs have started, it seems Draymond has flipped the switch and is playing maybe the best basketball of his career.

Last night he led his team to another comeback win with 20 points,13 rebounds, 12 assists, and 4 steals, as the Warriors went up 3-0. But what most find impressive is how Draymond has looked composed and calm on the court, not arguing with refs and taunting opponents.

After the game, Green shared what helped him find this newfound sense of calmness:

Per The Athletic’s Anthony Slater

“He plays on his little hoops and like stomp around. I was like, ‘I like the intensity, but slow down!’ I realized how impressionable the kids are at the age that they’re at. I just really wanted to be a good example to them and show them the right thing. My son was playing, he was shooting and flopping, and I said, ‘You gotta stop watching the NBA.’ Shooting and falling on the floor like ‘Oh, Dada! Help me up!’ I was like ‘No, what you flopping for? It’s just, like, [my kids] are really impressionable at this age, and I want to make sure I’m setting a good example for them as well,”

Losing 26 pounds in preparation for the playoffs has helped him, but the mental side of it has been the key to his turnaround. Draymond’s play on both the defensive and offensive side of the floor has made the Warriors unstoppable even without the injured Kevin Durant, and it is quite possible we are in for a three-peat.