Draymond Green’s favorite Klay Thompson story

Draymond Green’s favorite Klay Thompson story

For the past two seasons, we’ve been robbed of Klay Thompson. Not just his spectacular on-court performances, but his off-the-court person as well. As much as Klay has been present on the Warriors bench, this is nowhere near the usual Klay experience. To think of all the scaffolding moments we lost…

Klay’s teammate Draymond Green was kind enough to help our Klay withdrawal with his favorite Klay story. Green’s been impressive in his second gig as a guest star on Inside the NBA, proving what we all knew. Once his playing days are over, Draymond has a career as his generation’s Charles Barkley. Back to the story – the Warriors were in Miami, and Klay showed up with a busted eye. 

“In a hotel in Miami, he ran into a wall and busted his eye open with stitches. He tried to lie to us and get his friend to lie and say he got into a fight at the club. When you’re leaving the club in Miami, you’re not always sober and he tried to tell us he got into a fight.”

Draymond Green, Bleacher Report

Usually, players lie the other way. If they get into a fight in a nightclub, possibly with a non-desirable blood school level, they say they fell in the shower. The Warriors have some experiences with players fabricating stories about their injuries. Remember the Monta Ellis ankle story? But Klay is a different cat – he actually lied to make it seem like he got injured doing something forbidden. Gotta love the guy. 

This isn’t the only crazy Klay story we heard. Bob Myers, the Warriors GM, once shared his moment with Klay. After a poor shooting performance, the Warriors were flying to Toronto to play the Raptors. Myers sat next to Klay to encourage him after a rough game. Klay assured Bob he just had an off night and would be ready to go for the next game. They land in Toronto, and Klay asks what time the game is. Bob responds that the game is at 7:00 pm. Klay follows up with, “Cool, who we playing?”

When they all retire, I hope someone gets all of the Warriors guys down and writes “Our 100 favorite Klay Thompson moments.” The man. The myth. The legend. Klay Alexander Thompson.