Draymond Green’s contract discussion with the Warriors might end up in him leaving the team

Draymond Green’s contract discussion with the Warriors might end up in him leaving the team

Apparently, there are a few questions marks concerning Draymond Green‘s future with the Golden State Warriors if they don’t reach an agreement on the upcoming contract extension.

Damian Lillard wants Draymond with the Blazers

In a recent interview on the HoopsHype Podcast, Michael Scotto and Anthony Slater discussed Green’s future with the team that drafted him with raising concerns he might leave next summer. The negotiations around contracts are complicated, with both sides trying to get the best deal for them, and rightfully so. Players want to get the most money possible while teams are trying to get good players for the least money possible, which is the nature of the business in the NBA.

When it comes to Draymond, other teams in the western conference would be more than happy to bring him on board, with the Portland Blazers being the primary candidates at the moment. Damian Lillard is the one that initiated those conversations because of his admiration for Green and everything he brings to the table.

“The Blazers would love to have him. (Damian) Lillard has been obsessed with getting him there for a while… he’s had some flirtations with the Lakers and even the Blazers a bit. His game isn’t quite again like Curry’s is. I’d say if the Warriors lowball him coming off his next contract or whatever happens over the next couple of years, I could see his situation morphing into more of a breakup…I could see Draymond’s situation playing out a little bit more messy than Steph’s would, and the fact that Draymond’s not locked into a long-term deal like Steph is. If another team is willing to give Draymond a contract that the Warriors aren’t in a couple of years, I could see that going differently, even if their dream scenario would be to play forever.”

Michael Scotto, via Hoopshype

The Warriors drafted Draymond in 2012, and even though nobody predicted he would have a great career, he proved the doubters wrong. He positioned himself as one of the most versatile guys in the game, capable of doing multiple things equally well on the floor with undeniable instinct on defense that sets him apart from everyone else.

Will Draymond spend his entire career with the Warriors?

Draymond spent his entire career with the Warriors, and according to Sidelinesources, he even recruited other guys to join the team in hopes of bringing them another championship. He is in the second of a four-year, $99.6M contract with the Warriors. He holds a player option for the 2023-24 season worth north of $27M. Barring a contract extension signed in advance, he’ll be an unrestricted free agency at age 34.

Throughout the years, Green established himself with the Warriors, winning three championships and being a part of one of the greatest dynasties in NBA history. Even though he’s been incredibly consistent and reasonably healthy throughout his career, it will be interesting to see if the Warriors will gamble on him and offer him another max contract.

He proved he is an integral part of the Warriors, and you can definitely say he is the heart and soul of this team, but at the end of the day NBA is strictly business. Profits mean everything, and if the Warriors management doesn’t see his value in the same way he sees it, we might not see Draymond in a Warriors jersey next season. Teams like Blazers might profit from having Draymond on their squad because he is a perfect glue guy, but whether he can play on the same level as he did with the Warriors is a big question mark.

We’ve seen players similar to Draymond that performed really well under a particular system but then got completely lost when they changed a team in hopes of getting more money or playing time. Hopefully, we’ll see Draymond remain a Warrior for the rest of his career, especially nowadays when players no longer have that type of loyalty towards the teams that drafted initially drafted them.