Draymond Green thinks nobody wants the Warriors to win another NBA title

Draymond Green thinks nobody wants the Warriors to win another NBA title

The Golden State Warriors are once again the best team in the western conference after having a slow start into the season. The team is finally healthy with DeMarcus Cousins back in the starting lineup and the chemistry is on the same level they had when they were winning championships.

In a recent interview, Draymond Green stressed out how he believes “no one” wants to see Warriors succeed and win another championship. According to Green, there is a lot of haters out there who don’t want to see the Warriors achieve a three-peat this season.

Green thinks the Warriors are almost unbeatable when at full health and how they were actually a weaker team last season that they are now.

In an interview for ESPN Green gave more insight into the whole discussion.

I think we were more vulnerable last season, in the regular season,” Green says of the Warriors’ 58-24 regular-season record in 2017-18, their worst record since [Steve] Kerr took over in 2014. “They said that going into the playoffs last year. We beat everybody’s asses.”

“I just really didn’t give a damn [about what people outside the Warriors think],” Green said of those wanting to divide Green, Durant and the Warriors. “Because I know at the end of the day, no one wants to see us win again.

“They would love for us to break up, for it to be broken up by that. Because they can’t, f— … can’t nobody f—ing’ beat us. So, I just look at it and laugh.”

Even though there is a lot of truth in what Draymond is saying especially now that DeMarcus Cousins is back in the starting lineup, it shouldn’t be forgotten that they barely escaped the Rockets last year in the WCF.

There are several teams in the NBA who could possibly challenge the Warriors on their path to the NBA championship, but that might present itself as a tremendously hard task especially now that they back at full health.

However, NBA is a league “Where amazing happens” so we might end up seeing a surprise if the Warriors don’t end up winning another NBA championship this season.