Draymond Green goes of at young players today: “They soft as hell.”

Draymond Green goes of at young players today: “They soft as hell.”

Draymond Green is widely known in the NBA world today as one of the most controversial and outspoken players, as he is never afraid to speak his mind. The latest target on Green’s agenda is the young generation of players in today’s NBA and their mentality, which obviously doesn’t sit well with Draymond.

Green spoke on that topic with his former teammate Kevin Durant on Durant’s “The ETC’s” podcast and shared how he feels although the players coming into the league today are super-talented, they still lack the animosity and competitiveness amongst each other and the older players:

“They soft as hell. I’ve found myself trying to talk sh*t to some of these young dudes that won’t talk. And they’re like trying to be a friend. That’s what these young dudes do nowadays. I don’t understand it… They’re brothers and all this sh*t on social media… they’re losing their sense of competitiveness… A lot of these little dudes are doing it for a good Instagram account…There’s more talent around the league than there’s ever been. From a talent standpoint, the league is in a good space. But as pure basketball lovers — who love competition at the highest level — I think they gotta catch up in that department.” 

Draymond Green, via The ETC’s

The former defensive player of the year is one of the rare players today that resembles the guys from the ’80s, never backing down from a challenge, shouting at everyone, and being extremely psychical. So it is clear to see why Green doesn’t appreciate the fact he is standing out in today’s NBA, as he believes more players should play with that fire in their eyes, trying to destroy their opponent instead of trying to be buddies.

Even though Draymond sometimes has absurd statements, this time, he hit the nail on the coffin. For someone who enjoys rivalries, bad blood, trash-talking, and animosity between players and teams in a sportsmanship manner, it is frustrating to see the lack of emotion and competitiveness between players. It is great to see the young guys respect veterans and stars when coming into the league, but save it for after the game and try to get the best of them on the court. It will bring the old-school flavor that all the NBA fans miss, love, and wish for.