Draymond Green explains how the Golden State Warriors will win the NBA Finals

Draymond Green explains how the Golden State Warriors will win the NBA Finals

The finals series reached a new momentum after Toronto’s win last night against the Warriors in the Oracle Arena. Toronto played an outstanding game as a team and they displayed how good they can be when everybody is playing at a very high level. Despite Stephen Curry’s 47 points last night, the Raptors were in full control for the majority of the game and are now in a pretty good position before the series returns back to Toronto.

The good thing for the Raptors is the number of injuries the Warriors are facing, especially with their key players like Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant. There are reports circulating they are both ready to come back for game 4 and game 5 but it will be interesting to see in what kind of state both players are at the moment, especially Durant who hasn’t played a game in almost a month now.

Despite the problems Warriors are having at the moment, Draymond Green is convinced it’s smooth sailing for him and the team. In an interview after game 3, Green said he is aware that majority of the people are rooting against the Warriors but he shared a simple recipe in his own style about the upcoming games and the actual outcome of the series.

“No one cares if guys got hurt. Everybody wants to see us lose so I am sure people are happy we are hurt. We just got to continue to battle and win the next game.  Go back to Toronto, win game five,  come back to Oracle, win game six and then celebrate. Fun times ahead.”

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Draymond Green explains how the Warriors will win the NBA Finals: Win the next game Go back to Toronto, win GM5 Come back to Oracle, win GM6 Then celebrate. Fun times ahead. Via @SportsCenter

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