Draymond Green encouraged LeBron to think of himself as the GOAT in the NBA
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Draymond Green encouraged LeBron to think of himself as the GOAT in the NBA

Draymond Green and LeBron James had their share of battles in the last five years, and despite having some heated moments, especially in the finals, they gained a lot of respect for each other. When making an appearance on ESPN’s show ‘The Shop’ featuring LeBron James, and other guests, Draymond shared his appreciation for LeBron. Draymond believes LeBron should think of himself as the GOAT because of his individual and achievements with the teams he played for in his career.

The most heated debate among NBA fans is who the GOAT is and the basic standard of achieving this status, many would say Jordan still holds to this day. Draymond talked about the mindset a player needs to have to be successful and put himself in the position to be great. He believes LeBron did just that, especially after returning to Cleveland to prove he can win with his home team without Wade and Bosh’s help.

I think you should say that, and I think you should believe that, and you should definitely let the world know that. I think Bron over the last four years became LeBron James, and it had nothing to do with winning. It had nothing to do with stats, he found himself. People didn’t start to view him as they view him now and until he became that force to say I’m here. I feel like for years; he shied away from saying I’m here. When he started saying ‘fuck yall’ I’m here, that is when he became who he is, and no one would ever say that until he did it himself.

Draymond Green, via The Shop

Green argues that LeBron transcendent himself after realizing his full potential by coming back to Cleveland with an experience of winning multiple championships. He changed his mindset, which led him to do the unthinkable, winning an NBA championship against one of the best teams in recent NBA history. He now won his fourth championship at 35 while in his 17th season, making a claim as the NBA’s best player. That type of consistency is something rarely seen in the league and sports in general.