Draymond Green agrees with Luka Doncic that it’s easier to score in the NBA than in Europe

Draymond Green agrees with Luka Doncic that it’s easier to score in the NBA than in Europe

Draymond Green made a guest appearance on ESPN’s show The Jump, where he talked about the current NBA season, the Warriors, and some of the more specific things about basketball in general. On top of that, Green is very knowledgeable about the game and, with his experience, serves in a role of a mentor for all the younger players on the Warriors squad. The past week they faced the Dallas Mavericks twice in a row, with each team winning one game. As a former DPOY, Green was able to break down Luka Doncic’s game and what makes him dangerous on offense, and why defenders struggle with him so much.

Luka himself often said it’s much easier for him to score in the NBA than it was in Europe, and Green completely agrees with that assessment. One of the things Luka learned in Europe is not to rely on his athleticism so much but rather his basketball IQ and understanding of how to use certain aspects of his game in certain situations. Green said that the reason Luka is so difficult to guard is because of his ability to create multiple positions for him to score the basket no matter what type of defense you play against him. 

“As a defender your only goal is to make a guy do what he doesn’t want to do. And if you can’t do that on the defensive end more often than not, you’re going to be successful. With Luka, you can’t make him do what you want him do. You can’t speed him up, he goes at his own pace. If he wants to drive to the hole… if you aren’t going to force him to drive to the hole, he’s still going to get the step back. If he doesn’t want to get to the step back and he wants to drive to the hole, he usually gets there. So I think that the challenge with Luka is that you can’t speed him up, you can’t get him to do what you want him to do.

“I think he made a statement where he said ‘It’s easier for me to score in the NBA than it was for me to score in Europe’ and everybody went crazy, like ‘how disrespectful is he’. He’s shown that it’s true.”

Draymond Green, via The Jump

One of the biggest differences between European and NBA basketball is the size of the court, which in many ways reduces a certain player’s ability to impose his athleticism. Understanding angles, fundamentals, and creating a shot by yourself is one of the main things young players learn in Europe, which is something Luka knows when he was still a teen playing against grown-up men. Because of these factors, a transition to the NBA wasn’t an obstacle for Doncic like for many other international players, and he was able to showcase his skillset immediately dominating the competition.