Dončić on Kobe heckling him: “He was talking Slovenian”

Dončić on Kobe heckling him: “He was talking Slovenian”

Every time Kobe shows up to Staples it becomes news. LeBron and AD my be leading the Lakers to a 1st seed in the Western Conference, but LA is still Mamba Town for Lakers fans. With Luka Dončić in town, Kobe had to see the young star in action, and he came prepared. 

Kobe speaking Italian makes sense as he grew up there. He learned Serbian from Vlade Divac so he could curse without getting a tech. Kobe learned French so he could trash-talk Tony Parker. Now it seems he took up a bit of Slovenian. Luka was imbounding the ball when he heard someone heckling him in Slovenian from the frontcourt seats.

“He [Kobe] was talking Slovenian. He was talking my language. I was really surprised.”

Luka Dončić

Luka casually shook Kobe’s hand and continued to inbound the ball, probably still trying to figure out what just happened. This wasn’t the only moment Luka got confused. He took a nasty fall in the first half and entered the concussion protocol. Dončić returned to the court but couldn’t help the Mavs as they lost the game 108 – 95. 

LeBron had only 13 points in the game but also dished out 13 assists. with 4:35 remaining in the first quarter, LeBron launched an outlet pass to Anthony Davis and reached 9000 assists in his career. That makes him the ninth player in NBA history to do so. 

“It was something that was instilled in me when I first picked up a basketball. One of my earliest coaches said the best part of the game was to move side to side, attract the defense and get the teammate the open look.”

LeBron James

LeBron is turning 35 today but said it will be a small party. He’s gearing up for his 40th, he said that one “will be epic.” The way he’s been playing, he will probably still be in the NBA. So on December 30th, 2024 expect LeBron to be DNP-epic party.