Dominique Wilkins: “Michael Jordan admitted he lost the dunk contest”

Dominique Wilkins: “Michael Jordan admitted he lost the dunk contest”

This will sound odd to you, but the NBA’s biggest superstars used to participate in the dunk contest. In 1988, All-Star weekend was in Chicago, and Dominique Wilkins went against Michael Jordan in an all-time dunk contest.

MJ won with his final dunk that became the stuff of legend. He took a full-court sprint, leaped off the free-throw line, and Air Jordan was titled The Dunk King. Imagine how good the duel must’ve been when not everyone agreed MJ won.

As it turns out, His Airness agreed with the skeptics. While on “Area 21”, talking to Kevin Garnett, Dominique shared what MJ told him after the competition.

Mike said this to me after that dunk contest. He said ‘Look ‘Nique, you know you won, I know you won. But you in Chicago, what can I tell you.” 

Nique spent a lot of his career in Jordan’s shadow and would get a lot more love if he played in a different era. But, it’s fantastic to see he isn’t bitter about it at all. Quite the opposite, Dominique knows who the dunk contest is all about. “The fans got their money’s worth.”

Even though he lost, we are talking about his performance over 30 years later. I couldn’t tell you who won in 2005. You don’t need to win to get your place in the history books.