Doc Rivers: “Kawhi is the most like Jordan we’ve seen.”

Doc Rivers: “Kawhi is the most like Jordan we’ve seen.”

It seems that after managing to bring the Toronto Raptors into the NBA Finals, Kawhi Leonard has been getting very high praise from all sides and Clippers coach Doc Rivers maybe had one of the highest compliments for the star forward.

Rivers was appearing on ESPN on Tuesday, and he decided to compliment Kawhi, by comparing him to Michael Jordan:

“[Leonard] is the most like Jordan that we’ve seen,” Rivers said. “There’s a lot of great players. LeBron is phenomenal, KD is phenomenal. Not that [Leonard] is Jordan or anything like that, but he’s the most like him. Big hands, post game, can finish. Great leaper, great defender, in-between game. If you beat him to the spot he bumps you off, and then you add his three-point shooting.”

Leonard is on a fantastic playoff run, averaging 31.2 points while shooting 50.7 % from the floor, but the comparison with Michael Jordan may be a bit too much already, as Jordan has won 6 championships while averaging 33.4 points during his playoff career.

But Rivers was slick with this statement, as he probably had another agenda in his mind, other than just complimenting Leonard, as he just started his recruiting process for the Clippers, who will target and try to lure Kawhi to join them in free agency.

But by doing it this subtle, it will probably not be considered as tampering by the NBA, and he will receive no fines. Well played Doc.