Doc Rivers explains why the Clippers are still not playing well offensively: “People look at me like I’m nuts”

Doc Rivers explains why the Clippers are still not playing well offensively: “People look at me like I’m nuts”

After a slow start to the season, which was a result of the absence of Paul George, the Clippers improved dramatically. With 17 wins so far this season, they are currently second in the western conference behind the Lakers. It’s important to note the Clippers won eight out of their ten games and have shown tremendous versatility on defense, but also surprised how capable they are scoring a lot of points against almost any opponent in the league.

Their head coach, Doc Rivers, is convinced the Clippers and especially Paul George and Kawhi Leonard haven’t reached their full potential offensively so far this season. Rivers believes the stats are not so trustworthy because they show incredibly disbalance between what it says in the stat sheet and what he sees on the court.

“We have not maximized them offensively yet. I’ve been saying it every game, and nobody wants to hear it. We keep looking at our offensive numbers, and I’ve been saying it — it’s fool’s gold. We’re not ready offensively yet. And our numbers say different. But this is where, analytically, I’m right. I can see it. I said it.

The Clippers showed incredible ability scoring a lot of points in a game, with two times going for 150 points in two wins against the Hawks and the Wizards. Despite the fact they are slowly but surely catching up on the Lakers as the first seed, Rivers believes the offense can still get a lot better.

“What did we have, 140 the other night? I said, ‘Guys, we’re not a good offensive team yet.’ People look at me like I’m nuts.

The team is moving up in the standings, and it seems they are just now in the process of building chemistry. Yesterday the Clippers scored 135 points against the Wizards while Paul George and Kawhi showed great effort on both ends of the floor. There is no doubt Doc Rivers will manage their minutes properly because the season is still long, and there is still a lot of room for his team to improve.