Dirk Nowitzki shares if he still misses basketball after his retirement from the NBA

After 21 years in the NBA, Dirk Nowitzki has decided to end his successful and illustrious career with the Dallas Mavericks. Dirk will go down as one of the first big man in the NBA who could shot it from pretty much anywhere on the floor and is now 6th on the all-time scoring list.

Dirk dedicated his entire NBA career to the Dallas Mavericks and they returned the favor by staying loyal to their franchise player and there was never a serious discussion about the Mavericks possibly trading Dirk.

In a recent interview Dwain Price, Dirk was asked whether he still misses the game and was he able to easily transfer into the normal lifestyle most people have.

“I’m not missing basketball. After such a long time of always having that pressure of staying in shape and keep doing stuff, it’s kind of been nice just to sit and enjoy the kids and enjoy some good food and some drinks and just enjoying life.”