Dirk Nowitzki’s hilarious flop during a charity soccer match

Dirk Nowitzki’s hilarious flop during a charity soccer match

We all know Dirk Nowitzki is an excellent basketball player and one of the most skilled big men we’ve ever seen on an NBA court.

He won an NBA championship in 2011, an MVP award and has been voted into the all-star team for 13 times during his career. Dirk is a true Hall of Fame player by any standard.

Contrary to basketball, Dirk is not very good at soccer, which is apart from basketball one of his favorite sport. And his terribleness was on full display during a recent charity soccer game in his home country of Germany. Nowitzki, the captain of the Nowitzki All-Stars, looked bad enough to be banned from all soccer stadiums forever.

With the likes of Lukas Podolski, Mats Hummels and Ilkay Gündogan on the pitch, and it’s interesting to see just how much bigger Nowitzki is to ‘normal’ sized footballers.

First, he completely shanked a penalty kick, booting the ball so high and to the right that he would have missed the net even if he were a foot away.

Nowitzki even attempted to perform a bicycle kick which is a very hard move to do in soccer and it didn’t go very well. He didn’t even make the contact with the ball but the effort was there and that is all that matters.

But Nowitzki wasn’t content to just use his size as an advantage and tried his hand at diving too, performing a ‘disgraceful’ dive in the box. The ref agreed but we’re sure he was in on the gag.

We’ll definitely give Nowitzki a pass when it comes to soccer and we’re happy to see him come back in a Mavs uniform for the 21st NBA season which will possibly be his last season in a very successful career.