Dirk Nowitzki believes there is one problem with the new generation of players in the NBA

Dirk Nowitzki believes there is one problem with the new generation of players in the NBA

Throughout his 20-year-long career, Dirk Nowitzki has been a real example of a successful athlete who, apart from accumulating various awards and trophies, has immense knowledge and experience about the game. In the last couple of seasons of his career, he was no longer the best player on the Mavs but has actively taken on the role to educate the young players by showing them the right way to have prosperous careers.

In an interview with The Athletic, Dirk gave an exciting insight into how he thinks the new generation of players is predominantly focused on their status on social media rather than success on the basketball court.

“I don’t know if it’s about winning as much anymore as it is looking good on Instagram, Twitter, having followers, and having clicks and likes. I do agree 20 years ago people weren’t on their phones as much. But I’m not going to blame everything on social media. We’re all competitors. I usually based my happiness on winning and losing. When we won, it was fun. We would play music after games. When we lost, we were pissed. That’s what I based my happiness on. “Guys would sit around the locker room waiting for the coach to talk, and during that wait, there would be conversations taking place. Now it is 15 guys on their phones. There’s not much time being spent together.”

NBA commissioner Adam Silver was also one who spoke about the potential problem NBA players are facing on social media and how it affects their anxiety, which may lead to more significant issues. It’s obvious we live in an era where most of the players are active on different social media platforms where they engage with different fans who sometimes don’t have nice things to say, which affects players and their behavior.

Dirk, on the other hand, has spent most of his career without social media influence and is on the pace to cement himself as a true all-time great. He is an NBA champion and a multiple all-star who played in over 1500 regular seasons games in the NBA.