Dino Radja shares what Luka Doncic and Nikola Jokic need to improve to become two of the best players in the NBA

Dino Radja shares what Luka Doncic and Nikola Jokic need to improve to become two of the best players in the NBA

Nikola Jokic and Luka Doncic are perhaps two of the five best players in the NBA right now, and a testament NBA is truly an international league. In 2021, around 25 percent of the NBA consists of international players from almost every corner of the world. These two are the premier examples of true franchise players that can carry a team into the playoffs. The best thing about Jokic and Doncic is that they are still very young with a lot of room to improve themselves as players and athletes.

Former NBA player and a HOF, Dino Radja, who also had to make a name for himself when he first came to the NBA 30 years ago, talked about what makes Doncic and Jokic special as players. Radja has been around the league for a long time and saw numerous players that had tremendous talent, but for him, Jokic and Doncic are special in every possible way.

Rajda believes their pure talent and understanding of the basketball is what separates them from everyone, despite the fact they are not so athletically gifted like some other players in the NBA. Jokic is a prime example of that because he, throughout his career, seemed overweight the majority of times while still dominating the league, showcasing an incredible skillset. That is why Radja suggests they need to improve their athleticism and conditioning, which will essentially make them unstoppable, especially when you consider they are still very young.

Jokic is too talented, that’s something you are born with. It is a pleasure to watch him and Dončić, although I think that they can both make a lot of progress in physical fitness, which would improve their game to a much higher level. There are definitely two guys who are exceptional, basketball-born talents, where these Americans don’t know how to find a way to deal with him. If I were a coach, I would insist on dedicating two summers, I know it’s not easy when you have 100 million in your account to motivate yourself, but I think they would make a huge step forward if they were physically in a brilliant condition. “

Dino Radja, via Nuggets Srbija

Both Doncic and Jokic are having spectacular seasons, both flirting with a triple-double for their season averages. Their teams are more than capable of making it to the playoffs once again this season and have serious ambitions to make it far if some things go their way. The argument Radja said is quite accurate, especially when young players receive a lot of money and lose the desire to be truly great. Jokic and Doncic are only getting started with their NBA journey, and their time is coming, and the scariest thing for the rest of the league is that they are still reaching their prime years.