Did Kemba decide to leave?

Did Kemba decide to leave?

Woj is considered to be the 31st NBA franchise. He often knows about trades and contract offers before players, agents, and teams do. Days before free agency, his twitter account is probably the most active one online. When Woj tweets with certainty, it is almost as good as true.

This was one of the fascinating questions before July 1st. Kemba is the latest test of the supermax, a tool to help teams keep their drafted superstars, turned into an anchor keeping them from building a competitive roster. Only big market teams can survive the tax implications of giving such contracts – teams that didn’t need help in the first place.

With striking out on Anthony Davis, the Kyrie disaster and Horford leaving, Danny Ainge has a lot of cap space and not so many options. It seems they decided Kemba is their no.1 target. 

The Celtics still have Terry Rozier as a legitimate starter at point guard, but after experiencing all the chemistry issues this season, they will probably let him walk after he publicly expresses a desire to leave. Kemba is a legit All-Star, and it would be fascinating to see him in a setting with much better teammates. 

We may get the chance how much was he limited by the poor situation in Charlotte.