Did John Collins jinx the Hawks?

Did John Collins jinx the Hawks?

The Atlanta Hawks fell into mayhem; there’s no other way to put it. More precisely, they haven’t won a game since John Collins claimed that the Hawks are no longer a joke, following their win over the Brooklyn Nets (114-96).

“I think we’ve proved that we’re real contenders in the East. I feel like there were questions about what we can do, and hopefully, we continue to do this throughout the year. But, we are not a joke.”

John Collins, Twitter

The problem with early public assessment is that they’ll probably backfire sooner or later. For Collins, it was almost immediate because the Hawks have lost to non-contender teams since. Cleveland beat them, the Knicks beat them, and then Charlotte grabbed two wins against them.

But the losing streak is nothing compared to what’s happening in Atlanta right now. After they’ve lost to Knicks, Collins expressed his unhappiness about how Trae Young was running the floor. Collins allegedly wanted the ball and more involvement in the offense, but Young disagreed with his teammate, The Athletic learned. Even Clint Capela had to step in.

That, however, didn’t produce anything good for the Hawks, who still can’t break the jinx. On top of that, one of their best players – guard Bogdan Bogdanović suffered from an avulsion fracture in his right knee with associated soft tissue inflammation and a bone bruise. The timetable for his return is unclear, but he will miss a lot of playing time.

The Hawks are arguably the winners of the offseason. They’ve added so much firepower to their respective roster that some even saw them placing Top five in the East. They’ve landed Bogdanović, Danilo Gallinari, Rajon Rondo, and Kris Dunn, a group of experienced players that should’ve elevated their young core to another level.

That was the case at the start of the season when the Hawks recorded three wins in a row and sparked optimism. But now they have to find a way to get back at it. Even if they’re injured, disunited, and frustrated, they need to regroup if they want to be competitive again because that’s what real contenders do.