Derrick Rose’s emotional reaction to getting traded from the Bulls back in 2016

Derrick Rose’s emotional reaction to getting traded from the Bulls back in 2016

Derrick Rose is probably one of the most beloved players in NBA history, as the Chicago native became the youngest MVP in NBA history at 23 years old with his hometown Bulls.

He instantly became a legend, but his career never reached its peak because of the numerous injuries that led to him never fulfilling his career.
Recently a documentary about him aired called “Pooh: The Derrick Rose Story” that dug deep down into Rose’s basketball and personal life.

A particular scene from 2016 touched a lot of hearts from NBA fans around the world, as it showed his reaction to hearing about being traded from the Bulls to the Knicks.

He was just talking about how he never thought about leaving Chicago and how he is focused on winning. But in the meantime, he got a call from his manager B.J. Armstrong who was in New York at the time.

At that point of his career, Rose only knew about playing for his Bulls and was obviously shocked realizing he is going to leave to the Knicks. He tried to get away from the cameras and go outside, but the cameras followed him, capturing him being just in awe and holding off from bursting into tears.

After the call, he continued his interview for the documentary vividly being shocked and holding back tears. It was a really emotional scene, as it showed the unseen side of NBA trades and the cruelty of the business. Rose ended up playing just one season with the Knicks, and after that with the Cavaliers and the Timberwolves.

This offseason he is a free agent, as the talks of him coming back to Chicago have been swirling. It would definitely be a beautiful scene seeing Rose back in the only jersey that suits him. We will have to wait and see.