Derrick Rose recalls his 50-point game from last season

Derrick Rose recalls his 50-point game from last season

Derrick Rose became a member of the Detroit Pistons this summer and is actually in an excellent position to make the playoffs next season. In a preseason game he played a couple of days ago, Rose proved he is still an elite point guard. Rose showed that he is capable of providing solid minutes and possibly be a vital part of the Pistons success this season. There was a lot of doubt whether Rose can still play in the NBA after his injuries, but he proved everybody wrong, especially after his 50-point game last season when he was a member of the Minnesota Timberwolves.

In a recent interview, Derrick Rose talked about the 50 point performance and what it meant for him and his confidence that he can still be useful and dangerous against every team in the league. In that game against the Utah Jazz, Rose showed flashbacks of his former self on his way to a new career-high in points.

Rose said that the game took a lot of weight off his back. He believes it was an opportunity for him to show to the world he is still a great player, and it made him appreciate his role with the team even more.

“It took the weight off my back. It made me realize how good everybody is in the league. It’s all about the opportunity if you know what I mean. Everybody has roles on their team. Everybody, they’re specialists. The fans don’t know, but the same guy that you think sucks on the team, he could get you 50, bro. Like dead serious, you know what I mean. If he has the opportunity, you know what I’m saying. For me to do that, it just put me in a place of really appreciating where I was at, appreciating the OG’s, you know what I mean. The people, the game, period. I had another chance to show that I could go for 50 and that night it just all came together.”

Even though the Timberwolves didn’t have the intention to keep Rose on their roster, Pistons showed a lot of interest in his services. He will join Andre Drumond, Blake Griffin, and Reggie Jackson, and this team has excellent chances of making it to the playoffs in the east next year. Rose signed a two-year deal worth $15 million, and the Pistons have an intention to use his skill-set and experience to their advantage.