Derrick Rose has a strong message for everyone who doubts him

Derrick Rose has a strong message for everyone who doubts him

Derrick Rose is one of the brightest stories of this years regular season and the amount of support the fans gave him is enormous. He is currently one of the leading players by the amount of received votes for the All-Star game and his every appearance either in a game or with the media is highly viewed.

However,  Rose thinks there are doubters in his performance after the Minnesota Timberwolves fired their head coach Tom Thibedou. Thibedou and Rose developed a very strong bond that originates from his Chicago days.

In an interview with Minneapolis Star Tribune, Derrick Rose pays his respect for everything Thibedou did for his career but also had a message for everyone who doubts him.

“I have a lot of confidence in myself. Thibs was just the coach that believed in me. He jump-started my career again and for that, I’ll always be thankful, but for everybody that think that it’s going to stop, kill yourself. Like I said, for everybody that think I’m not going to play the same way, kill yourself, because I believe in myself.”

Rose is having a phenomenal season so far and is one of the biggest candidates to win the Sixth Man of The Year award. Whoever the new coach for the Timberwolves will be, I’m positive he will give Rose the same responsibilities and minutes he enjoyed during the Thibs era.

The main reason for that is a mere fact that when Derrick Rose is playing good, the Timberwolves are capable to beat any team in the league and this the Derrick Rose NBA needs.