Derrick Rose details his evolution as an NBA player: ‘ I fought my f***ing way back’

Derrick Rose details his evolution as an NBA player: ‘ I fought my f***ing way back’

Derrick Rose is back in the playoffs once again, this time as a member of the New York Knicks, who are probably the biggest and most pleasant surprise this season. Even though Rose is far from his prime years, it seems he evolved as a player and, at the age of 32, reinvented himself and is still very effective, maybe even more than in previous years.

Knicks head coach Tom Thibodeau wanted Rose on the Knicks because he knew how to use his skill set, experience, and basketball IQ to improve their roster. Rose accepted the role of coming from the bench while averaging 15 points and 4 assists, shooting efficiently from the floor.

If you watched Knicks and Rose play this season, you could see he changed his playing style, being more patient and not using his speed and quickness unless it’s really necessary. Rose evidently evolved as a player, and on his social media accounts, he shared where that comes from and how that process looked for him coming into this season.

Imagine having your dream job or working for a company for 10 plus yrs… Blood, sweat, and tears, and somebody from another company approach you and say …Hey… you look like your vintage self today LMAO. You don’t know them at all and they think they know you becuz they watched you perform a lil bit from a far. The shit would throw you off, right??? You had your ups and downs in the company, right! You’re human! But WHAT if the numbers say you were more efficient that year… WHAT if you’re a totally different player! It’s nothing VINTAGE about my game but my floaters. I don’t dunk or jump high anymore. I’m not killing u with speed, nor am I a one-man fastbreak anymore. I don’t even shoot my reverse layups lol. I’m a totally different player. I love chess, so I would put it this way… I lost my Queen early in the game, but I fought my fuckin way back to get one of my pawns down the board to get her back. If you know chess… that’s a very hard process to achieve, and if you really know how to play, you know even the master games are won with few pieces on the board, and it’s about strategy, heart, and skill. It’s cool to say I still hoop a lil bit…plus I been fighting through shit my whole life. I’m smiling through it becuz I been through the hardest shit. That was growing up piss poor in Chi, and nobody didn’t understand my pain and dreams but me. Vintage or not… I’m extremely Blessed and Skilled.

Derrick Rose, via Facebook

Being the youngest MVP in NBA history to becoming a solid role player is the evolution Rose wholeheartedly accepted, and it’s paying a dividend for the Knicks. Rose has a great relationship with Thibodeau, and Thibs did everything in his power to get Rose traded to the Knicks, which proved to be a great move. It will be interesting to see how far Knicks can make it in the playoffs, and there is no question a healthy Rose will be an essential factor in their potential success moving forward. It’s amazing to see Rose accepting his role while being productive and relevant in the NBA.