Derrick Rose calls the league ‘soft’ in response to Trae Young & MSG crowd

Derrick Rose calls the league ‘soft’ in response to Trae Young & MSG crowd

Derrick Rose gave an interview before tonight’s game 2 against the Atlanta Hawks in which he called the league soft after all the negative comments Trae Young received from the Knicks crowd for his trash-talking. The Hawks surprised the Knicks in the first game, with Young leading the way in his first playoff appearance hitting a game-winner and showcasing he is one of the most promising young players in the NBA.

The Knicks crowd was constantly yelling ‘F**k You’ to Trae and the rest of the Hawks, and after his game-winner, he made a shush gesture to the crowd. That ignited a lot of backlashes, which is understandable if you are a Knicks fan, but Derrick Rose has no problem with that, and in fact, encourages it, especially when you consider it’s the playoffs.

That is basketball. When did the league got so soft. That is basketball. You come in, you play a great game, the crowd is supposed to do that. It’s supposed to amp up and bring that atmosphere, environment where it is right now. That is what I am used to. I’ve been in series where drinks were thrown at the court, and that is what I am used to, and now it’s a bit different. That is all part of the game when you have both sides fighting for and you worked your butt off all year. In the summertime, when nobody is watching, you are in the gym working on your game and seeing the results of it not only in the regular season but the playoffs. If you want to talk shit, talk shit, it’s alright, but the next game will be tougher, and the environment is going to create a great atmosphere for some great basketball.

Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose is absolutely right, and if the crowd provoked Trae Young, he had the right to respond, especially after such a dominant game in which he secured a win for his team. Talking trash and interacting with the audience was missing for the past 18 months, and it’s definitely good to have that intensity in the gym’s back. Young players like Trae, who are playing in their first playoff series, enjoy every moment of that experience, and that is what playoff basketball is all about. It creates that unique atmosphere for both the fans and the players, bringing that extra intensity to the whole game.