Derrick Rose believes he belongs in the HOF one day

Derrick Rose believes he belongs in the HOF one day

Derrick Rose was one of the most electryfing and popular NBA players destined for great things until injuries changed his career. Rose perhaps doesn’t have the HOF numbers some other players do, but his impact on basketball was astonishing and he recently said he truly believes he belongs in the Hall of Fame one day.

Rose, like so many other basketball players before him, came from a very tough situation in which he had to work extremely hard and prove to everyone he can make it in the NBA. That type of pressure was enforced upon him ever since he was a little kid and he believes he is a HOF to the people he actually grew up with and that were beside him through the entire journey.

“I felt every emotion you can think of. But when you talk about the Hall of Fame thing, I am a Hall of Famer, and not in everybody’s eyes but to the people I grew up with. I made it. I executed. I got to where I was at and having the same expectations that I have right now were thrown at me since the sixth grade. I achieved all that, I got through all that. Imagine being 12 or 13 and everywhere you go people are putting their burden. You are going to be the one that makes it, you are the one. When I was younger I used to always pray a lot, because when people used to say things like that I felt like they were jinxing me. It was just a weird position to be in and now looking back at it I am just happy I had the mentors that I had”.

When you look at all the things he achieved in his career you can definitely argue Rose belongs in the HOF one day. He won the Rookie of the Year award, he was the youngest MVP in NBA history and made All-NBA teams several times. On top of that, he was an All-Star three times which is quite an accomplishment when you consider all the injuries he had in recent years.

After all the struggles he had, Rose is finally healthy and joined a pretty solid Detroit Pistons team, that is aiming at the playoffs next season. There is no doubt in our mind, Rose can definitely help the Pistons with his experience playing in big games if he remains healthy and shows glimpses of his former self like he did last season playing for the Timberwolves.