Dennis Smith Jr. was dunking two weeks after he tore his ACL in high school

Dennis Smith Jr. was dunking two weeks after he tore his ACL in high school

Dennis Smith Jr. is having a great preseason so far. He is already showing improvements from the previous season and has developed great chemistry with his fellow teammate and also one of the rising stars in the NBA Luka Doncic.

Smith almost had the best play of the entire summer league, but he missed it by an inch. It even seemed he jumped too high for this dunk and throwing it off the back of the rim. No wonder he is doing things like this on the court when reportedly he has a 48-inch vertical leap.

Smith’s leaping ability was a topic for discussion especially after Smith tore his ACL in high school. What you probably didn’t know is that he was back to dunking just two weeks after tearing it.

There were some reports which claimed it took him 2 months so the initial reports which were based on the statement of Smith’s dad might be misleading, however, there’s actually a scientific explanation for it, as told in a Fox Sports article.

“For Smith Jr., the road to recovery as hard, and started the day of his diagnosis last year. Smith Jr. knew before he even left California that he had torn his ACL, an injury that would require him to sit out at least 10 months and miss his entire senior year of basketball. But when he got home, he quickly realized that the injury — while serious — might not have been as worse as originally feared. There was no pain and swelling in his knee, allowing doctors to operate almost right away. And when they did go in for surgery, they found a surprise:

Smith Jr. had an extra ligament in his knee. If you didn’t even know that was possible, you’re certainly not alone, as only 20 percent of all humans have one, doctors told Smith Sr. But those who do have the added benefit of quicker recovery times when coming off serious injuries like the one Junior suffered.”

Ligaments are tissues that connect bones at a joint, and the human knee typically has four. It would seem Smith has a fifth, which just makes everything much easier.

This basically means Smith tore his ACL and didn’t even feel it.

Dallas Mavericks have been investing a lot into a young point guard and it seems he is the right fit for the team. Smith has the right demeanor and approach to the game so the Mavs are hoping he could replace Dirk as the next face of the franchise for the team from Dallas.