Dennis Rodman’s incredible growth spurt at the age of 19, saved his life and his basketball career

Dennis Rodman’s incredible growth spurt at the age of 19, saved his life and his basketball career

Dennis Rodman is known as one of the greatest defenders and rebounders in NBA history. He made an All-Star team twice, won five NBA championships, several rebounding titles, and DPOY award twice. His life and career are probably the most intriguing and interesting ones in the entire NBA history, and he almost didn’t play basketball until a massive growth spurt Rodman had when he was 19 years old.

Rodman never played high-school basketball and was characterized as someone who is not athletic standing at only 5’6″ during his freshman year and would later fail to make the football team which completely devasted him. After high school, he found a job as a janitor at a nearby airport where he tried to steal watches from a jewelry store. Of course, he was caught, but luckily for him, he only spent one night in prison but did lose his job. On top of that, his mom decided to kick him out of the house, which left him in a really bad situation.

At this moment, Rodman was 19-years-old, without a job, place to stay and hasn’t played a single game of organized basketball standing at 5’9″. That summer, his entire life changed dramatically because of a ten-inch growth spurt. Rodman was now 6’7″ and decided to give basketball one more try as he enrolled in Cooke County College college and applied for their basketball team. The coaches recognized his tenacity, desire, and ability to rebound the ball, so he made the cut.

Unfortunately, Rodman only played one semester for the team before he was back to his old ways. Luckily for him, The University of Southeastern Oklahoma was interested in his services, so they hunted him down and convinced Rodman to play basketball again. Accepting their offer was the smartest decision Rodman made, and he was enrolled in a program that properly developed him. He stayed on the right path in regards to practicing, conditioning, and being focused on every single game.

For Rodman, the turning point in his life was that summer in which he had the massive growth spurt, which gave him hope that he can actually achieve something more significant in his life, which he later did in one way or the other. The story about his incredible growth spur is only one out of hundreds in his biography, which shows why Rodman will always be remembered as one of the most iconic figures in all of NBA history.