Dennis Rodman & Pearl Jam

Dennis Rodman shares how Pearl Jam saved his life when he was going through hard times

Dennis Rodman is a big fan of the rock-n-roll group Pearl Jam and even said they saved his life when he was actively thinking about taking his life in the early ’90s.

Rodman admits having mental health issues

In a recent interview for GQ, former NBA player and the absolute legend of the game, Dennis Rodman, shared a few things from his personal life, with one of them being about the decision of committing suicide in 1993. At that time, Dennis Rodman was already a two-time NBA champion, the best defensive player in the league, the most dominant rebounder, but he struggled to find happiness in his life despite all the success, money, and fame he accumulated.

After getting traded to the Spurs and no longer having Chuck Daly mentor him, Rodman lost his focus, and the importance of life was no longer a priority for him. Rodman was all over the media because of his behavior, which put a lot of pressure on him to a point where he wanted to end the pain and suffering by taking away his life.

Pearl Jam saved his life

Luckily, as Rodman stated in the interview, listening to Pearl Jam, especially the song Black, gave him enough strength and courage to continue his life. That song was instrumental for his recovery and finding the good in this world, and the importance of him staying alive.

“I got hooked to these guys in 1991, and it was amazing. I had a bit of an issue in 1993, and I wanted to commit that thing called suicide. It’s amazing that I look back at this like wow, this brings a lot of memories. They saved my life when I wanted to commit suicide, and for some reason, the voice of love came into my life at that particular moment that night, and it was Pearl Jam. I thank Pearl Jam for doing that for me. It wasn’t the sole reason, but it was the main reason.”

Rodman continued his career and soon became a member of the Chicago Bulls and an instrumental part during those championship years. His fame became even more prominent since the Bulls had such immense popularity during those years, and Rodman capitalized on it more than any other player. At one point, you could even say he was as famous as Michael Jordan during those years. Luckily, he changed his mindset and found happiness in playing basketball and living his life, which translated to significant success on the basketball court and other aspects of his livelihood.

He seems he is in a great place right now, enjoying retirement and doing things he loves the most, and we can all thank Pearl Jam and their songs for saving one of the best rebounders and defenders of all time for finding strength in himself to continue his journey on this planet.