Dennis Rodman on Ron Harper being the most underappreciated player in the NBA at that time

Dennis Rodman on Ron Harper being the most underappreciated player in the NBA at that time

Dennis Rodman made a guest appearance on the Basketball Time Machine podcast, where he talked about numerous things from his illustrious HOF career. Rodman predominantly spoke about his time with the Detroit Pistons and the Chicago Bulls, sharing he had to apologize to Scottie Pippen when joining the Bulls and a few others things that made that team so special.

Another interesting thing Rodman discussed was about a player that he thinks was equally great as Michael Jordan before his injuries. Of course, he talked about none other than his teammate on that Bulls squad, Ron Harper. For some of you who don’t know, Harper was a legitimate force in the NBA during his early days with Cleveland Cavaliers.

Harper is built similarly to Jordan, and in the first few years in the NBA, he established himself as a legitimate two-way player that had all the tools to be an all-time great. Unfortunately for him, knee injuries took a toll on his body, and he never achieved the potential he definitely could. Rodman refers to him as a quiet and underappreciated player on that Bulls team, saying he could’ve been equally good as Michael Jordan.

The quiet assassin on that team was that one guy, Ron Harper. Nobody talks about him. He probably could’ve been the best player ever if he didn’t have that knee injury. He was Michael Jordan before Michael Jordan to me cause he was good.

Dennis Rodman, via Basketball Time Machine

Even though knee injuries derailed his NBA career in being a leading player on an NBA team, Harper managed to recreate himself and become a serviceable player on several championship teams. First, he was a member of that Bulls squad during their second three-peat, and then he later finished his career with the Lakers, concluding his NBA career with four NBA championships.

Not many players can say they won four NBA championships, but Harper did just that even though after his knee injuries, there were concerns about whether he will ever play basketball again. However, Harper worked on getting healthy and used his experience and knowledge to help teams like the Bulls and the Lakers win championships which is a testament to his greatness.