Dennis Rodman believes young players don’t love and respect the game of basketball

Dennis Rodman believes young players don’t love and respect the game of basketball

There is a notion among the fans in the past couple of years how players care more about money and their brand than basketball itself. “The essence of basketball is lost” is a sentence that can be heard quite a bit, and the question that presents itself is when did this narrative start. An interview with Dennis Rodman back in the mid 90 proves this narrative has been in the league for quite some time now.

Rodman believes young players back then cared more about money than play basketball. He said he doesn’t have any respect for them because they don’t show any respect to the game of basketball, which brought them all that wealth and fame. According to Rodman, most young players don’t even understand why they are playing basketball.

“I don’t respect the guys that have been in the league for the last two or three years. I don’t respect them because the guys don’t respect the game of basketball. They respect the money, publicity, and stardom before anything. The money always has to be upfront. They don’t understand the reason why they are in this game.”

Rodman was a type of player that brought excitement every single night because you knew that he would come prepared and put on a show for the crowd. He is also a firm believer a player needs to provide entertainment for the fans. However, because they are handed out a lot of money from an early age, most of them lose interest to a certain degree, which is terrible for the game and the fans.

“They need to provide entertainment and provide themselves with self-esteem and the confidence to move on. With the money there, they don’t have to do anything anymore.”