DeMarcus Cousins Free Agency: His hands are tied, similar to last year

DeMarcus Cousins Free Agency: His hands are tied, similar to last year

He may not be the biggest star this summer, but Boogie is one of the biggest unknowns ahead of free agency. He could sign a minimum or a $20 million per year deal and we wouldn’t be surprised. His value is still unclear after his long injury.

Cousins is entering the Free Agency, which starts on Sunday without a title but with more arguments than last summer. At that time he was in the middle of the rehab of his Achilles tendon tear. Without a predictable future, many teams were afraid to offer him the necessary salary, and that is why the Warriors were able to sign him up.

Boogie will have to wait. All teams with enough Cap Space will “hunt” the really big fish, players in a tier above Boogie. Only when the first max players such as Durant, Kawhi or Butler find their teams, they will know if there is enough space to sign him or not.

Marc Stein of the New York Times claims that the New York Knicks would be interested in DeMarcus Cousins should they lose out on Durant. And even then they would probably only offer him a one-year contract to go on a big hunt again next summer. Maybe he will be back to a short-term commitment anyway. Cousins could try again to offer himself to an NBA title contender. Lakers, Celtics or Clippers would be then the potential landing spots.

Cousins would have a chance to win many games there and if he would stay healthy he is going to have a promising free agency position in 2020. His hands are tied this year, similar to last year.