Dear DeMar DeRozan

Dear DeMar DeRozan

Dear DeMar DeRozan,

Thank you. Thank you for making Toronto basketball relevant. As a kid who was born when the raptors became a franchise, it’s all I’ve ever known and cheered for. I’d cheer my heart out and scream at the top of my lungs when we went 20-62. I’d be watching when we would lose by an average of 20 during the awful times. I’d make my dad drive to Toronto so we could go and watch the raptors lose.

I watched Vince carter come and give us hope and then leave. I watched Chris Bosh come in and give us hope and then leave. It crushed me. I boo them to this day. Then you came along. You refused to leave. You made it your mission. You and Lowry put the team on your backs and made Toronto basketball relevant again.

You made it so no matter how busy I was, I’d always try and tune in. You made April and May exciting again in the city of Toronto. You made Jurassic park a thing. You lit a fire under the city before the leafs and jays did. You made me brag to friends, family, and coworkers that this was the year, that we were doing something special. No matter what happened, you made me believe again.

You were extremely loyal and you’re a Toronto hero. When you come back, you’ll be received with a hero’s welcome. Thank you for giving us the greatest years in Toronto basketball history. Thank you for your loyalty and for making a kid who stopped believing believe again in Toronto basketball.

We love you

Sincerely a die-hard Raptors fan

Credit: r/NBA @suh-dude_