DeAndre Jordan has the strangest free throw routine ever seen

DeAndre Jordan has the strangest free throw routine ever seen

There has been a lot of fascinating and unique free throw routines through the history of the NBA. Some are simple, while some are very precise.

A lot of players are superstitious and strongly rely on their routine, while some just start with one and get so used to it that it is natural. It may be the particular way they bounce the ball, how many times they bounce the ball or saying something under their breath before they shoot. It is an individual thing.

Some of the players with the most memorable routines through the history are names like Karl Malone and his mouthing of certain words right before shooting, Jeff Hornacek rubbing the side of his face, Jason Kidd blowing a kiss to the rim, Alonzo Mourning touching his chin and forehead, Gilbert Arenas moving the ball behind his back three times and many more.

But this season DeAndre Jordan has come up with a routine that barely anybody noticed until recently. And it is different than all the others we mentioned before.

Firstly before going to the line, he shoots the ball into the air to get his form ready. When he gets the ball on the line, he sets his feet and asks his first teammate getting prepared for the rebound: “Who do you got?“. He proceeds to take two dribbles and shot with a fluid shooting motion. Then on the second one, he repeats everything, just changing the teammate he is asking.

This routine has done wonders for DeAndre as he went from a 45% free throw shooter for his career, to shooting 71% from the line this season. A crazy statistic, which is mostly the work of his new routine. Free throws are a psychological game, and this is the perfect example of it. A lot of people are saying it’s very odd, but considering it is working there entirely no need to change it.