Davis Bertans talks about the rule coach Pop has for his players during dinners

Davis Bertans talks about the rule coach Pop has for his players during dinners

Gregg Popovich is one of the most successful and unique coaches in NBA history. Five won NBA championships, numerous straight playoff appearances and regular-season wins are just parts of his resume. On top of all that, Popovich has a peculiar way of coaching his players. Spurs are described as the most progressive franchise in the league, which can be seen through their outstanding ability to develop players.

Davis Bertans, who is now playing for the Wizards, spent his first three years with the Spurs under Popovich and his coaching staff. Players who spent some time playing for the Spurs often say they would always go back because the franchise is run differently.

Bertans remembered how Popovich has a rule that during special team dinners, players are not allowed to talk about basketball. Unfortunately for Bertans, either he wasn’t aware of this rule, or he forgot about it, but he started talking about basketball and Popovich slapped him.

“We had dinner with a few players, and (Pop) has his rule that we don’t talk basketball. We talk about everything else. I think I mentioned basketball once, and he slapped me.”

Knowing coach Pop, it was probably in a playful manner, but it shows seriousness and structure in the Spurs organization players have to follow. On top of all the basketball-related activities, players are going through; Spurs want their players to be engaged in other things as well, which is something several former Spurs players talked about.