Daryl Morey and Zach Lowe both believe LeBron James is the greatest players of all time

Daryl Morey and Zach Lowe both believe LeBron James is the greatest players of all time

In the last couple of years, there has been a lot of debate surrounding LeBron James and his place on the all-time list as the best player in NBA history. Some fans and analysts already put him in front of Michael Jordan, Magic, Bird, Kareem while others are convinced he still needs to win more championships in order to be considered as the best player in NBA history.

In a recent interview on the Dan Patrick Show, Rockets GM Daryl Morrey and Zach Lowe shared their view on the topic and both agreed on the fact LeBron James is the best player while using a bit different approach on the reasons behind LeBron’s success.

Morrey who is the mastermind behind the Rockets and someone who heavily relies on statistics said LeBron generates the biggest amount of championship opportunities which definitely puts him there as one of the best to ever do it.

“If you just look at his ability to generate wins and championship probability over time and you basically break that down you don’t need all the numbers and you can watch as well. But if you basically isolate that and also look at the career he had, frankly I think at this point it’s a big margin actually where he came ahead which is controversial. “

Lowe, on the other hand, believes LeBron James still has four solid years in his career which will be enough for him to establish himself as the best player in NBA history. The only potential problem he sees in LeBron’s legacy is the lack of championships in comparison to other prominent players like Jordan, Kareem or Magic, however,  if you look at this stats, he is far superior than some of these players.

“I think he will be greatest player of all time when he retires. Again, if you compare all the eras, rule changes I think he is neck to neck with Jordan now and he maybe even passed him.  He never gets hurt, so in the next four years when he puts up four more monster seasons I just think statistically that there will never be more comparissons except for one statistic that some people will always bring up which is championships.”