Darko responds to Melo & Wade: “Thank the Lord you didn’t have the path I did.”

Darko responds to Melo & Wade: “Thank the Lord you didn’t have the path I did.”

Carmelo and Wade chatted on Instagram live and reminisced about on and off-court stories. We learned about the time LeBron saved Melo’s life in the Bahamas and their interactions before the draft. 

Wade was talking about seeing Melo play before the draft thinking he has to be the no.1 pick in the draft. It may sound absurd at this time, but there was a real Melo or LeBron conversation before the 2003 Draft and it wasn’t absurd to have it. Anyhow, 2003 turned out to be one of the best draft classes in the past few decades with LeBron, Wade, Bosh, and Melo in the top 5. The fifth player obviously being the no.2 pick Darko Miličić.

The Serbian center obviously flamed out and didn’t have the career a no.2 pick in such a strong draft class is expected to have. Wade and Melo talked about the draft class, and when Wade mentioned Darko, Melo reacted in a way some interpreted as shade. 

Carmelo would have at least one ring if the Pistons had selected him (the one Darko has), and very likely more. He talked about the lack of structure and veteran leadership in Denver that he could’ve used surrounded with all the players Detroit had at the time. Carmelo Anthony definitely knows, and will never forget, who Darko Miličić is. Word of this got to Darko, and his response was impressive. 

“When it comes to these kinds of comments, my story has been told. They made it, I didn’t. We’re not kids anymore, and I’d hope everyone was mature enough to know life has ups and downs. My advice to them would be, as I consider them to be good guys, not to judge and ridicule. Thank the Lord you didn’t have the path I did. As always, all the best and I congratulate them on their career. I wish them a lot of success and less judgment.” 

Darko Miličić, via B92

It’s funny how Darko has moved on, and they still haven’t. Goes to show, failure is often a better teacher than success.