Danny Green thinks Zion Williamson is Charles Barkley on “steroids”

Danny Green thinks Zion Williamson is Charles Barkley on “steroids”

Zion took the NBA by storm, and he isn’t even in the NBA.  The freshman from Duke University has been putting on quite a show with his performances so far in the NCAA averaging 21 points and almost 10 rebounds.

He is a 6’7, 270 pound forward with a 45 inch vertical and a lot of room for further improvement. His game and stature are already compared to players such as LeBron James, Charles Barkley and Larry Johnson who were all versatile and big forwards able to dominate in multiple aspects of the game.

Any team in the NBA that will be lucky enough to be in the position of drafting Zion will automatically get a player able to carry the franchise for the upcoming years and someone who will definitely increase ticket sales because who wouldn’t want to see him live in his rookie season.

Danny Green of the Toronto Raptors gave an interesting comparison of Zion and Charles Barkley. One of the players who gave an interesting comparison.

“Obviously, he is a Duke guy, so not a big fan of it. Very explosive, 6’7 280 pounds, the guy is massive. It’s hard to believe how well he moves, how coordinated, how fast and nimble he is on his feet. He is an undersized big compared to Charles Barkley, but Charles Barkley on steroids. Hopefully he develops an outside shot or a good touch and a vision. Maybe he can even be the next LeBron”

This type of comparison is something many true fans see in Zion. Possibly the next Charles Barkley who was a 6’6, 300-pound monster coming out of college and making an unbelievable career.

The sweepstakes are up, and the chase for Zion already began in the NBA.